The Beaches of Podgora

Finding the perfect beach on vacation is not a trivial task for many people. In this case, Podgora offers something for everyone. All of the beaches boast a crystal blue sea and beautiful, clean environment. Swimming in the sea and sunbathing will be complemented by the view of Biokovo, which with its massiveness creates a stunning vista. Experience life in a postcard.

Find a perfect blend of shade, amenities, and beauty on the beaches in Podgora, and see for yourself that the beaches of the Makarska Riviera are the most beautiful in the whole Adriatic, if not beyond.

Podgora City Centre
The most popular beaches in Podgora are in the very city centre, and they offer a wealth of amenities. They are just down the promenade where you can enjoy the clean sea and strong sunshine with drinks and homemade cuisine. This place is always full of life, and it’s easy to find good company and atmosphere or play ‘picigin’. The most famous and largest beach in the city centre is located in front of the well-known Medora Auri Hotel. It is also adapted for people with disabilities as it has an access ramp and a sealift.

Plišivac Beach
Just north of the city centre is the most beautiful beach of Podgora, Plišivac Beach. The pines surrounding the bay offer pleasant shade on the hottest summer days and surround the beach with the irreplaceable aroma of pine and sea salt. This beach is often full of people and entertainment, so we recommend it if you are looking for a party and good company.

Dračevac Beach
A few minutes' walk north of the city centre, you will find a 400-meter-long beach surrounded by dense pine trees. Dračevac Beach is a known nudist oasis for naturalists that offers privacy to anyone who wants it. On the beach there are no restaurants, bars, showers or dressing rooms, but the natural beauty will compensate for everything you thought you might miss.

Garma Beach
Small beaches in the coves of Garma are hidden. The sound of the waves and the chirping of the crickets are the only sounds you will hear. The beach is covered with gravel and stone, and surrounded by small cliffs and pine forests. The sea is a beautiful turquoise colour.

Sutikla Beach
Sutikla Beach is located close to the camp of the same name, and has a large number of cafes and restaurants. The beach itself is narrow and often filled with young people looking for a good time they can always find here. The access to the sea is mild and perfect for a ‘picigin’ game or two.

Čaklje Beach
The pebble beach in the south part of Podgora offers numerous restaurants and bars nearby, and plenty of natural shade from pine trees. The access to the sea is easy and gradual.

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