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Kaštradina and cabbage

In the cold wintertime, as a special treat, people would cook cabbage, kad ga ujide led (when ice bites it), with kaštradina meat (dry mutton ham or kid). Wash 600 g of kaštradina and cook for 2 hours, without salt. Add 1 kg of washed and cleaned cabbage and cook for another 30 minutes. After that, place 500 g of potatoes cut into cubes, 100 g of bacon, 4 garlic cloves and some chopped petrusimul (parsley) into the saucepan. Cook it at moderate heat. Finally, add some konšerva (tomato puree), to taste. The cabbage and meat are served together.

Vela Puharić, V. (2008). Tradicijska kuhinja makarskog primorja Vrime prošlosti na pijatu budućnosti. Etnološka istraživanja, (12/13), 397-410.

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