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Children’s Amenities

Podgora provides entertainment for the youngest tourists and visitors alike. In addition to swimming and beach games that are perfect for children because of an easy incline and clear sea water, children can also have fun using other amenities offered in and around Podgora.

The Children's Playground - Don M. Pavlinović’s Square

The little ones can have fun in the park at Don Mihovil Pavlinović’s Square, which is equipped with a playground for children. From play equipment and swings to slides and carousels, there is everything your little one can wish for while you enjoy a beautiful sea view just a few feet from the Square.

The Aqua Park

If you and your children get tired of swimming, ‘picigin’, and inflatable floats, in terms of additional sea activities, you can try the Aqua Park on the city beach and spice up your daily splash.

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